A Band of Mothers…

I’ve been thinking about how we mothers are really a unique group of fearless soldiers – fighting for the well being of our families – trusting God for wisdom and common sense in the process. Then, I remembered a TV mini-series that my husband watched a few years ago called The Band of Brothers. This miniseries detailed the exploits of Easy Company during WWII and it described in detail how the characters faced injury, death, moral, mental and physical hurdles. However, they faced them not alone – but as a band of brothers.

Over the years, a faithful Band of Mothers have poured into my life and probably into yours.  I like to think that together, as a Band of Mothers, we will share the stories, the lessons, the foundational truths and the influence they’ve had in our lives and in the lives of our children.  By doing so, we band together to show our children and grandchildren character born from an overcoming faith. Remember…you don’t have to have birthed a child to have “mothered” someone. Some great “mothering” comes from those who have never had children of their own.

My Band…

Bonnie: My mother – a godly woman who loves the unlovable like no one else I’ve ever met. She rescued hundreds of drug addicts from the streets of Spain and she showed me how to persevere against the odds, to put others first and to love God’s Word.

Earlene: My mother-in-law that now prays with her Savior in heaven. She was an amazing prayer warrior and because of her influence, I am on my knees morning and night talking to my loving Father. I miss her phone calls and her heart-felt prayers.

Penny: My aunt who was really more of an older sister. She taught me to love my kids unconditionally and to start traditions that will live on long after we are gone. i.e. Every year, my kids get a Hallmark Christmas ornament. When they leave home, I get to keep my favorite and we pack up the rest to hang on their trees.  She’s in heaven and I know it’s a better place because she’s there!

I’d love to hear about a mother in your band so please share.

Note: Watch this spot over the next week and you may even see your name – smile.

P.S. It’s a great exercise to make a list of all of the women who have influenced your life over the years and to thank them. What a blessing for them to hear how they’ve touched us!


One response to “A Band of Mothers…

  • Brenda

    My Band of Mothers is quite extensive and includes both my mom, my lovely mother-in-law, my pastor-mom- Beth, my wonderful friends and peers whom all share their wisdom, wit and wishes so freely with me…without them I would not be who I am!!!

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