Being Her…

In my ladies Bible study, we’ve been studying the Proverbs 31 woman. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has thought that this woman is an impossible act to follow. In fact, I admit to not really wanting to read that chapter more than once:) But through the study, I’ve learned that if we think like that we don’t stand a chance of growing into what we could be. Think about it, if we can’t follow HER example why would even try to follow Jesus?

There’s no point to being a follower or envisioning what could be, if such great examples discourage us on our journey. So…I’ve decided to adopt a new stance on this Proverbs 31 gal and I am actually trying to imitate her – laughing in the process.


  • Lives life with intent to do good always & influence those around her
  • Is transformed inwardly so it’s natural for her to build up her house
  • Makes good choices automatically – lots of practice
  • Has an eager attitude to go the extra mile
  • Sets the tone in her household & girds herself with discipline
  • Tackles tasks as if she’s doing them for God not for man
  • Speaks life to her family – she’s worthy of their confidence and trust
  • Willingly makes sacrifices so her husband can fulfill his calling
  • Uses creative skills to make financial contributions to her household
  • Has people in her life to help her – she doesn’t accomplish everything alone
  • Sees that God’s vision for her life is attainable

Her in a bathrobe…

It was a normal morning, I got up early, had my prayer time, grabbed a shower and plucked grandson Owen out of his crib in the next room, before he woke up Dale. My daughter and her family are living with us until their house is built in February. So…there are nine of us here – yes, it’s a bit chaotic:)

I hear Sarah getting the girls up, I change Owen’s diaper and he immediately points to his high chair and grunts – typical male:) I give him half a banana and start in on the lunches. He inhales the banana and so I start throwing things on his tray – mostly lunch foods I’m packing. A red pepper stick, a piece of cheese and a cucumber – not really breakfast food but he doesn’t care – he’s hungry!

Then, I remember I have blueberries in the fridge and he loves them, so I go to get them and the container falls – blueberries are all over the kitchen and wobbling into the family room. Just then, Hannah’s cat sees little balls all over the floor and she begins stepping on them and batting them around. Olivia comes up the stairs all ready for school and says, “Mam-ma why did you throw blueberries on the floor?” I sigh and ask her for her help to pick them up. She giggles and starts to re-fill the container. I pause, look at the floor, listen to Owen grunting for more food and I don’t much feel the Proverbs 31 gal.

Okay, I had the discipline to get up and the good intentions to care for my family but the tone in my kitchen was escalating and there were more smashed blueberries on my floor than in Livvy’s container. I clearly had a choice to make. So…I started to laugh – popping blueberries into my mouth faster than Olivia could pick them up. (The 5-second rule gets moved to 60 if you’re at home.) We kept at it and before Sarah got up the stairs, the mess was gone, eggs were scrambled and Owen was finally full.

I share this story to encourage you because even though we are trying – stuff happens. Blueberries spill, kids are always hungry and we must learn to appreciate the opportunities to get back up and try again. Remember, just two short chapters before Proverbs 31, the writer says, “Where there is no vision, the people parish.” (KJV) If we try to live our lives without a vision of what could be, we will always wander and we will always wonder what we would have achieved if we could have been HER.

Guess what girls? We are HER – just in process. The power to choose well, with vision and an eager attitude lies in OUR hands!

Can you share a Proverbs 31 moment gone wrong? Did you try again?


3 responses to “Being Her…

  • Anne

    Hi Marta,

    Wonderful blog today….I was laughing and smiling along with you!

    Love to you all,

  • Char Heaman

    I used to have many of the same thoughts and feelings regarding the Proverbs 31 Woman. The thought of doing all that she did was tremendously overwhelming and I was certain I just could never measure up to her! Last year I made a very important discovery when re-reading this chapter. She had people! She didn’t accomplish everything by herself. She had staff, people to work the fields, she had help. What a HUGE relief. I began to see her more as an entrepreneur than a superwoman. Let us not forget this when we read about her many accomplishments, God gave her “others” and we TOO need others to accomplish what He has set before us to complete. Amen to that.

  • Marta LoFranco

    That’s a great point Char. We are so much better with others. Sometimes “doers” need to be reminded that they can’t do everything without “helpers”. Are you sure you don’t want to have a blog? lot’s of great insight inside of you my friend!

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