Back to Basics…

Before posting this entry, I was hoping to have found a photo I remember seeing of me as a 4-year-old in my jammies – kneeling to pray. My dear mother has been searching for the elusive photo all day to no avail, so I’ve decided to fly without it – you get the picture:)

As a little girl, I actually remember kneeling to pray every night. But then as I got a little older, my Mom or Dad would come into my room to tuck me in and we’d just pray while I was lying down. I don’t know why the kneeling stopped – it just did.

I didn’t pray less and I’m not inferring that He heard less because I wasn’t on my knees. However, 43 years later, His still small voice has told me to get back on my knees by the side of my bed morning and night – and the results have been amazing.

  • I have more energy even though I’m getting up earlier
  • My prayers seem more fervent and heartfelt – I’m going boldly to His throne of grace and bowing humbly and I tell Him this every time we meet
  • I am encouraged in my spirit – and lately I’ve had reason to feel discouraged
  • My heart feels tender and my attitude is sweeter
  • I am more excited about serving others – I tend to be a server but now I long to go the extra mile

I can’t explain it and I really don’t feel compelled to try. I will only guess that it has something to do with my posture before God. I’m not suggesting that He hears my prayers better if I kneel – only that something seems to happen when I posture myself before Him humbly. Maybe it’s more about the posture of my heart but nonetheless, it hasn’t hurt me to be back on my knees!

Or possibly this is just one of the basics worth revisiting. It’s been good for me and now I wouldn’t miss the time on my knees with Him for anything. But I’m curious to know if this is just something He’s asked me to do, or if it’s something He may be challenging others to do too.

So…ponder this thought and let me know what you think – getting back to the basics may be the best thing we ever do!


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