I  love life and all those on my path! Because of the journey, I realize that every moment is a gift! God has been so faithful and it’s time for me to ponder the “God” moments with anyone who will listen. If you are one of the listeners, we will navigate our way through each moment together and we will laugh and we will cry and we will inspire each other to be all that He has deemed possible.


8 responses to “About

  • Diana

    I love that you are blogging…your words are always such a beautiful reflection of your heart! I’m glad that I’m one who get to journey along with you, my friend.

  • Marta

    You are the FIRST person to comment on my blog and I couldn’t be happier that it’s you! I am blessed to have you on my path.

  • Bonnie Stuckless

    Sis: Your blog statements are beautiful. Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter. Love, MOM & DAD

  • Blair Hibbs

    Your speaking from the “heart” it’s the way God wants his children to do! When down a dark dead end road we have one way out, get back to the basics! It has worked for me time and time again…sometimes we get so busy and wrapped up in this chaotic world we tend to forget the “basics.”
    Very well and gracefully written Marty!
    Your friend and brother in Christ,

  • Marta LoFranco

    Thanks Blair – I have been on a journey and it’s time for me to share what’s in my heart and to get back to the basics of what we know to be tried and true! Bless you for taking time to comment my friend.


  • Trisha

    Marty!! How good to “hear” your voice again. So glad you included this in your Christmas letter so I could read your blog. You and yours are so often in my thoughts especially around the holidays–I give thanks for you and Dale.

    • Marta LoFranco

      Great to hear from you Trisha – loved receiving your family photo. Thanks for reading the blog. We think of you around Thanksgiving especially. Those are fond memories of good times filled with laughter. Hug to you and Charlie!

  • Shirley Macdonald

    You are an encourager! Thank you for sharing your journey with GOD. I remember praying for Mia and how thrilling to hear how she is doing.
    God bless

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